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2015 Vans Warped Tour Dates Announced

2015 Vans Warped Tour Dates Announced

The 2015 Warped dates have been announced! The tour kicks off on 6.19 in Pomona, CA and ends on 8.8 in Seattle. See all the dates in between on vanswarpedtour.com/dates.
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Pre-Order Paper Towns: http://www.tinyurl.com/papertowns TOUR STOPS IN CONVENIENT MAP FORM: Who Julia Nunes is: http://www.youtube.com/user/jaaaaaaa?ob=4 In which John Green talks …
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. July 24th!! Anyone else?

  2. All I want is a Corpus Christi date, at least for one year. Is that too
    much to ask? 🙁 I know it costs a lot but just once for us who have to
    drive 4-8+ hours around Texas to see almost every band that even steps foot
    in Texas.

  3. July 8th!!! I’m so excited already lol


  5. July 21st!

  6. july 26th can’t wait.i voted for what bands i wanted to see and i’m just
    so ready but it’s so far away.


  8. No Darien lake this year…?

  9. those in favor to hope to see ADTR say I

  10. Detroit Anybody?


  12. *waits for Bring Me The Horizon to be one of the announced bands*

  13. Yass!! June 26th!!!!!

  14. August 2nd !!

  15. farhath mohamed bari


  16. they took out west palm beach FL :(

  17. Where the hell is Vegas on this list?! I have friends in Vegas.!!!

  18. Hydee Elizabeth

    July 23rd Cleveland Ohio :)

  19. Whoo, New Mexico <3

  20. should’ve kept one in West Palm ugh.. 

  21. Rae Ann Baumgardner

    the song is silver lining by neck deep, for those of you asking :)

  22. Wtf! no vegas show -_- why aren’t they coming this year?

  23. Chantel Cespedes

    Why isn’t Las Vegas on the list for 2015?!?!

  24. Joey Blankspace

    June 19 Pomona, CA can’t wait!!!!! :3


  26. I like yellow, because I think it’s closer to who Margo really is. Yellow
    Margo isn’t beaming, she’s content. Joyful. And that’s not who Margo is
    entirely, but she also not entirely angsty and depressed as Blue Margo
    suggests. Margo is more happy than sad, I think. She isn’t fond of her
    life, but she goes ahead and changes it. All of it.

    Also, Yellow Margo does this thing with her eye that says “I know something
    you don’t know,” which is kind of the whole plot.

  27. Lancaster isn’t pronounced that way John, I live there. It’s not so much
    pronounced LAN-cas-ter as it is Langcaster, like one straight run through
    all fast.

  28. The blue cover is my favorite because it’s really powerful and kind of
    maybe shows Margo as she thinks she is, which is probably the closest to
    how she really is but I don’t think I can accurately express all my
    thoughts on how Margo is misrepresented in the book in one video comment.

  29. It’s strangle that they acknowledged 2000 new subscribers in the past,
    because at points this summer they were gaining that in a day

  30. Oklahoma City, Laos

  31. Best and most accurate intro ever. New viewers ALWAYS have to be introduced
    to John’s puff… It’s a necessity.
    YOU WERE IN LANCASTER AND I DIDN’T KNOW IT?!?!?! That may be and hour and
    30 minutes away from where I live, BUT STILL! I totally would’ve convinced
    my parents to take me… I really wish I had been a nerdfighter when I was
    8 years old…

  32. +Walderro i Love yOur randoM CApitaliZations. MarGo rOth sPiegElman fOr The

  33. Iowan nerdfighters for the win! This whole video I was like “I won’t even
    be sad that I didn’t know they existed for this tour. No one ever come to
    Iowa. I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to meet them anyway. AND THEN HE

  34. Watching the old videos that mention tours always makes me sad that I
    didn’t know about Hank and John at the time. Here’s hoping they do another
    tour sometime…

  35. 20centuryfox100

    I tend to like happy Margo better, because it reminds me of that line in
    the book: “She was so beautiful that even her fake smiles were convincing.”

  36. Happy Margo. 

  37. Damn it I wish I lived in the US

  38. My names margo!

  39. When he said that he had mismatched argyle socks I opened my TFIOS to see
    if it was true and I could laugh at John’s misfortune.

  40. Carly Fernandes

    Wait, you were in my state and I wasnt there?!? I didn’t know about
    nerdfighting then but still!!!

  41. TheGirlonfire25

    I like the sad Margo cuz it’s more true to who she is

  42. Mismatched socks ftw!

  43. @person10001 Margo**

  44. Woohoo, Iowa shoutout. Born, raised, and resident. Best state in the
    country!! If only I could’ve made the Tour de Nerdfighting.

  45. He was in Ames?! 🙁 if only I had known.. I mean I still live 3 hours away
    even though I live in Iowa but I wish I was a nerdfighter back then cuz I
    would’ve made the drive!!

  46. Maha Al-Maghrabi

    i prefer the sad margo, because somehow it reminds me of alaska and i just
    want something that reminds me she lives on somehow.

  47. My favourite cover is the one with the thumbtack. I don’t like people
    staring at me from the covers of books. Also, John Green needs to come to
    Canada. Preferably, the capital city, which is Ottawa.

  48. God, that means that he was only three hours away from me on one of those
    stops. Too bad I didn’t know about Nerdfighters or John and Hank Green…

  49. John Green should do a vlog entirely in Margo’s terrible vlogging voice.

  50. Ze Vegan Muffin


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