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9/11 Court Case Hears That CIA Destroyed ‘Black Site’ Evidence

Lawyers for Guantanamo Bay detainees charged with plotting the 9/11 attacks have accused the U.S. government of destroying a secret CIA prison.  The Cuba defense lawyers say that the trial judge authorised the secret  destruction of vital evidence during the trial that would have proved the CIA ran “black site” prisons. Miamiherald.com reports: Prosecutors have said they did nothing wrong but declined to explain with any specificity. After a closed session Friday, during which the judge apparently agreed some details were no longer classified, the defense lawyers laid out what they knew in a Sunday roundtable. It did not appear that the “torture chamber,” as defense attorney Cheryl Bormann called it, was razed, lawyers said. Rather, their reading of case documents, some undergoing declassification, was that U.S. agents undertook a “decommissioning” of a secret, former overseas CIA “black site” still controlled by the United States. They got permission, for example, to removed “fixtures” — something defense attorney Suzanne Lachelier described as sounding like “contraptions or devices.” Instead of seeing the U.S.-controlled former prison to “exercise our own professional judgment as to what to document about the black sites,” said defense attorney Jay Connell, the prosecution got permission from the judge to offer them […] Your News Wire

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