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Biden Threatens Russia With Cyber Revenge

U.S. vice-president Joe Biden has threatened Russia with a cyber attack in retaliation for its alleged cyber strike on this year’s U.S. presidential race. Russian President Vladimir Putin “will know it” when it happens, says VP Biden. Fort Russ reports: Washington is preparing measures in response to the actions of Russian hackers accused of hacking American politicians’ computers. This was stated by US Vice President Joe Biden today, who threatened that Russian President Vladimir Putin “will know it” when an attack happens. Biden remarked that Washington will choose a time and place for a “response” which will have “the greatest impact.” “We are sending a message,” Biden said in an interview with NBC. During the interview, he accused Russia of hacking attacks on the computers of American politicians. The US Vice President did not disclose the details of the impending operation, but did state that Russian leader Vladimir Putin “will know it when it happens.” “It will be at the time of our choosing and under the circumstances that have the greatest impact,” Biden added. Answering whether the public would learn before hand about Washington’s response to Moscow’s supposed actions, the politician said: “I hope not.” In addition, Biden expressed […]

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