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Calls For Switzerland To Arm Itself In Response To World War III Fears

Switzerland’s Chief of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant General André Blattmann, has advised that Swiss people arm themselves due to fears of “hybrid wars” escalating to a World War III scenario.  Blattmann says the very real threat of a World War III primarily stem from Turkish President Erdogan, and his recent declaration of being leader of the entire Islamic world. The Lieutenant says this has the potential to cause a global conflict between Russia and the West, and if Erdogan gets his way, the Ottoman Empire will be resurrected. Whatdoesitmean.com reports: Curiously echoing General Blattmann’s fears, this report continues, is the elite American news organization Politico, who this morning published an article titled “On the brink, with Erdogan” openly questioning the Obama regime if it was going to allow Turkey’s “madman” to push US/NATO into war with Russia. Likewise, this report notes, the elite American news organization CounterPunch has begun questioning the Obama regime as to why it is even supporting Turkey in the first place by stating: “Many prefer to view Erdogan’s actions as whimsical or as contrary to the wishes of the United States or NATO. According to this narrative, Erdogan is a madman but he is acting on his own. This is […] Your News Wire

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