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Donald Trump unveils foreign policy advisers! This is HUGE!

Donald Trump ready to play the TRUMP CARD

Donald Trump on Monday ( 3/21/16) finally named several members of his team of foreign policy advisers and it’s better then anyone could have thought! In a meeting with The Washington Post’s editorial board, also laying out a global posture ...

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Ramos Yells at O’Reilly: You and Hannity Let Trump ‘Get Away With Anything’

Ramos yells at hanity

There has been some frustration in political circles about the media––especially the conservative media––not being tough enough on Donald Trump. Tonight, during an appearance with Bill O’Reilly, Jorge Ramos called out the host for not being tough on Trump at ...

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Trump has a BIG SECRET: He is prepared to play “THE TRUMP CARD!”

Donald Trump ready to play the TRUMP CARD

With the increasingly loud talk of a contested Republican convention, the obscure process of picking who actually gets to be a delegate is about to get underway in states across the country — with an urgency that has not been ...

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Investigation into Obama’s Birth PROOF that he was not born here (VIDEO)

Obama's birth certificate is fake

A Investigation into Obama’s Birth PROOF that he was not born here… Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s “Cold Case Posse” is claiming to have explosive new proof that President Barack Obama is ineligible to serve as president. But after watching the video ...

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Hillary and Bill EXPOSED! We’ve got video!

Hillary waterboard

Ok this is part 2 I hope you watch it all, if you dont have time you need to book mark this page and or share to your facebook time line so you can find it when you have some ...

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Bill and Hillary Clinton Drug dealing killing and geting away with it we have video!


At first when i was told about this i did not believe it, But then I watched it and my blood began to boil. I decided to investigate further and what i found was mind numbing. Here I thought Oboma ...

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Donald Trump says YES to water boarding in a Ohio speach.

Donald trump locks news Ohio

I was able to attend the Donald Trump speach in Columbus Ohio. Over 20,000 people came out. It was a great time, so many highlights, so instead of talking about it and asking you to read it Im going to ...

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Difference between democrat and republican?

Nuva Ring killed our daughter

We’ll if your like me you have asked what is the difference between “democrat and Republican?” I have asked this question for years with no real answer given, I have searched and searched and come up with the following for ...

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Hillary Caught KISSING and it wasent Bill! SEE VIDEO!

Hillary was caught on video kissing

Ok well it’s nothing new Hillary should be locked up for all her crimes, Yet she gets to run for President. But on the bright side reporters caught what she hoped no one would ever see. That is her falling ...

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Carly Fiorina A Fraud She did not want this to get out but it did see this video.

Carly Fiorina did not want this video to get out

Carly Fiorina Is A Fraud She did not want this to get out but now it did see the video that is shaking her campaign. Ok so she seems to have it all together right?… Wrong the truth is everything ...

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