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Walmart will reopen five stores it closed to fix plumbing issues.

secret video of the inside of closed walmart stores

Walmart is starting to hire workers for five stores it closed last April to fix ongoing plumbing problems. The stores will reopen by late October or early November, the company said Thursday. Walmart surprised 2,200 workers when it temporarily closed ...

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Jade Helm 15 is over see what happend…

  We can all breathe and be thankful we’re not in FEMA camps. Last Tuesday, the military exercise known as Jade Helm ended without the government being overthrown. In May, it was reported that 1,200 units from Green Berets, Navy SEALs, ...

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Civilians Plan To Monitor Possible Military Takeover Of Texas Jade Helm

Bob Welch holds a sign at a public hearing about the Jade Helm 15 military training exercise in Bastrop, Texas, www.locksnews.com

If President Barack Obama really is planning to implement martial law under the guise of a military training exercise beginning Wednesday, hundreds of civilian volunteers will be ahead of him.   The Houston Chronicle in a story published Friday spoke ...

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Jade helm

14 helicopters seen over airport

Jade helm is scaring the locals In an effort to ease public concerns, the Curry County Commission received a U.S. Army briefing Tuesday regarding the upcoming Jade Helm training exercise and its inclusion of Cannon Air Force Base. Lt. Col. ...

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