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Cern Scientists Discover Particle That Doesn’t Follow Laws Of Physics

Cern scientists working at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) have said that they may have discovered a new particle that appears to defy the laws of physics.  Scientists say they may have found a fifth fundamental force in nature that is six times heavier than the Higgs boson particle. Ancient-code.com reports: According to researchers, further testing is required which is why more ‘collisions’ will commence next month in order to obtain new data. Scientists believe they will have either the ultimate confirmation or refutation of its existence by summer of 2016. Scientists believe this is the first indirect hint, that there are particles heavier than the Higgs Boson, particles which are unknown and unexplained by current models. This is why confirming its existence might lead towards the discovery of even more particles and even possibly a FIFTH fundamental force, which if discovered, could change everything we know about Physics. Professor John Ellis, theoretical physicist at Kings College London told the Mail Online in an interview: ‘it would be something completely beyond the Standard Model, and the tip of an iceberg of a large new set of particles if it exists.’ Two of the detectors, ATLAS and CMS, were used to […] Your News Wire

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