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Chris Brown Declares Race War: “F*ck The Police, Black Lives Matter”

Chris Brown has declared his support for a racially motivated war with police in response to the LAPD retrieving guns and drugs from his property, saying that “it’s always going to be f*ck the police” and “black lives matter.” Chris Brown emerged from his Los Angeles home Tuesday after police served a search warrant after a bizarre hours long standoff during which the singer posted videos on Instagram declaring war on the police and promoting Black Lives Matter. The LAPD earlier retrieved a gun and other weapons and drugs from Chris Brown’s home when the singer threw the items outside of his window in a duffel bag. TMZ identified the woman who called the police as Baylee Curran, a Miss California Regional beauty pageant winner. Curran told the gossip outlet that she had been admiring a piece of jewelry at Brown’s home when the singer lost his temper, allegedly pointed a gun at her head and ordered her to leave. The woman added that members of Brown’s entourage tried to get her to sign a nondisclosure agreement in exchange for returning her phone, though she reportedly snatched her phone from the man’s hand and fled without signing. Brown posted three videos to Instagram during […] Your News Wire

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