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De Niro & RFK Jr. Expose Corrupt Vaccine Industry

Robert De Niro and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. held a joint press conference last week offering a $ 100k reward to anyone who can prove that vaccines containing mercury are safe to administer to children. On Feb. 15 at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., they publicly discussed efforts to examine links between mercury and vaccination and expose the massive corruption that is prevalent today in the vaccine industry. Complacent Big Pharma, with their control of scientific study and dialogue, could be behind an outbreak of autism and other neurological disorders in children. The Free Thought Project reports: The Hollywood legend and Kennedy announced their partnership with the World Mercury Project, which was founded in November 2016, with the goal being to “find a missing piece of research associated with mercury.” The group announced a $ 100,000 reward for research into exposing the connection between mercury and developmental abnormalities in children — noting that the majority of the current body of research has been tainted by conflicts of interest relating to those conducting the studies. Kennedy currently serves as Chairman of the nonprofit advocacy group, while De Niro has publicly supported the group’s mission in the past. According to its website, […]

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