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Edward Heath Accused Of Raping 12 Year Old Boy In 1961

Former prime minister Edward Heath has been accused of raping a 12-year-old boy today, as police face a corruption investigation into whether they dropped a case against a brothel madam who threatened to expose him in the 1990s. A police inquiry was opened on Monday urging other potential victims to come forward. It has also emerged that Heath is being investigated by Scotland Yard as part of Operation Midland, an inquiry into claims a VIP paedophile ring operated in the 1970s and 1980s, He is currently being investigated by three police forces as part of their inquiries into allegations of historical child abuse. RT reports: The victim, who says he was 12 when the former PM raped him, said he had been abused throughout his childhood by his father and other pedophile connections, including Heath. He alleges that he was picked up on the A2 road in Kent and taken back to an apartment on Park Lane in London where Heath raped him, the Daily Mirror reported. His attacker remained unknown to him in until 1965, the man claims, when he saw a photo of Heath standing next to Margaret Thatcher. In statements to his legal team reported in the […] Your News Wire

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