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Europe’s Largest Bookmaker Says Trump Will Win Presidency

You can ignore what oversampled Democrats are telling pollsters down their telephone – its money that actually talks and the money is saying Trump is on course for a massive win. As the Clinton campaign continues to implode, a staggering 91% of bets on the outcome of the election are being laid on Trump defeating Hillary. Trump is crushing Clinton in terms of both the number and volume of bets, according to figures revealed yesterday by Europe’s largest bookmaker, Paddy Power Betfair Plc. “This election’s been a serious betting anomaly,” said Féilim Mac An Iomaire, a spokesman for the company. Even before Oct. 28, when James Comey announced the FBI was re-opening its probe of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, money placed on a Trump victory amounted to almost the same as that bet on his rival, despite her lead in opinion polls. Punters have simply disbelieved the mainstream polls and are overwhelmingly confident in a Trump victory. But will voters deal the Republican a winning hand? Market analysts claim betting patterns are remarkably similar to Brexit betting flows. Despite mainstream polls declaring the Remain camp were near certain victors, the betting markets suggested a much tighter tussle, with a surge of late […]

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