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Europhile Tony Blair Says Brexit Has Confused Brits, May Never Happen

Former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair says the Brexit debate is not over and Britain could still remain an EU member. Blair told French radio station Europe 1 that despite the referendum, it is possible for the results to be reversed. RT reports: His comments came shortly after an Electoral Reform Society (ERS) report revealed the referendum debate was riddled with “glaring democratic deficiencies.” Voters were left feeling “ill-informed” and alienated from the major decision-making process. “There is confusion, because we do not yet know the terms of Brexit,” former Labour leader Blair told French listeners. “We did something a little odd with the referendum, if you like. We agree on moving home – it’s like moving home – we have agreed on changing homes but we have not seen the other home. We have made an agreement to make the change, but at this moment we don’t know the terms of Brexit. We do not know the costs and consequences, because we haven’t had the negotiations.” Blair said he didn’t agree with ex-PM David Cameron’s decision to call a referendum, as he didn’t think it was necessary. He does, however, see the result as reversible. “We have had the referendum, […] Your News Wire

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