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Hillary Clinton Failing health dressing up as a BLACK SLAVE is she Mocking slavery?

Hillary Clinton Failing health dressing up as a BLACK SLAVE is she Mocking slavery?

Do you notice how the mainstream media is so quick to dismiss hard evidence against Hillary? Do you notice how they attack Trump over the smallest of things? If Trump adds some one to his staff, It’s “ALL DAY NEWS!” Then re-runs next day right?


Let’s think back to Mcain ok? Do you remember how the media kept hammering him about his health? They did, The media wanted to see medical files and demanded he show them. They bashed him for not doing so, claiming any one who is running for the highest office in the world should be made to show their medical files one reporter said. OK, Then why oh why are they not doing this to Hillary Clinton? After all, she has frozen up with glossed eyes, she has has what looks like seizures an Hillary has had several unexplained falls. Medical doctors have come forward saying something is not right. Yet the mainstream media refuses to report on it or even mention it. Well I want you to have a look here at some video that i came across and see for yourself. This just does not make sence how she can even run for office after the whole email scandal.

Stop and think for a moment… Hillary Clinton just bust out of now where “BARKING like a DOG” who does that? Why? Has to be something going on. When you think harder you relize she has been making faces that dont match her mood or speach have a look at this photo of the many faces of Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton weird faces corrupt

Some of them maybe just maybe explainable but for most there is no real reason. Look at her eyes, mouth study them. All done? Great lets move on.

Hillary Clinton dressed like a black slave with bill as her owner!

Here is a SHOCKER! So Hillary claims to be for woman, and the African-Americans bla bla bla but have a look at what we found! I am not sure what she was thinking. It looks like a halloween party, Bill Clinton is her owner and yes she went all out and painted her face black and dressed as a slave. What is this woman thinking?

Hillary Clinton mocking slaves

This photo is old but it shows a very weird side of Hillary one the media wont show you.

Now lets have a look at a video

Now i say to you how can anyone vote for this woman? We are making history in this election! Please don’t mess this one up. If you don’t like Trump i can understand but think of this…

After 8 years of Obama Trump cant do any worse, and look at all the evidence I alone have shown you here, and every thing else you have seen about Hillary. We must vote for someone with a sound mind an of the two Trump is the only one.

Now PLEASE use the links below an share this any an everywhere you can. This is our country this is our time and we must unite and stand together as one! PLEASE SHARE!

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