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This is a song for all the love birds who are miles apart. Thank you to our good friend Anna for joining us! We are also TOURING ASIA & AUSTRALIA! For tickets and more information visit www.jayess…
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  1. Watch Hardwell as he takes over Time Square for the announcement of his
    North America Tour!


  3. San Francisco will get fucking crazy.

  4. hardwell if you let me go backstage after the show i will let you fuck my
    girlfriend ill record it with ur iphone too bro

  5. Hardwell: egyszer elmegyek egy amerikai turnedra, itt haljak meg ha nem igy

  6. So there will be an actual album coming out in September? Its not Hardwell
    Revealed Vol. 5?

  7. wtf no Toronto?

  8. t-shirt MEGA HITS Portugal <3

  9. Geoffrey Williams

    I’m so going. Inglewood. THUMPA THUMPA

  10. Zalina Rodrigues

    Porquê não veio para a COPA DO MUNDO NO BRASIL??????????????????????

  11. I disliked this ’cause to me it means that Hardwell is not attending to
    Creamfields Argentina 2014 on 8th November :/

  12. Patrick Teixeiraw

    When you come to PARIS ? 

  13. Watch Hardwell as he takes over Time Square for the announcement of his
    North America Tour!

  14. Someone please tell me the name of this song

  15. I would LOVE to go to the concert in LA, but are there age restrictions
    (18+ maybe)??? Everywhere I look, I cant find any information about age
    restrictions :T 

  16. Yesss! New York City can’t wait :D


  18. New york is gonna get fucking crazy!

  19. Alejandro Orviz Fernandez

    Tanto tour que dicen por todo el mundo pero a espaňa no viene ni dios a
    hacer un buen concierto, lo unico bueno que hubo aqui fue deorro y steve
    aoki hace aňo y medio y dimitri vegas y like mike hace un par de semanas

  20. CHICAGO!!!!!

  21. Now also in Mississauga nov 1

  22. support Hardwell from SPAIN!
    OLE tus huevos!

  23. Jennifer Blodgett

    really?! You’re not coming to Boston?! :(((((

  24. Manuel Alejandro Avila Vega

    Awesome!! Chile, Chile, Chile. 

  25. hardwell kom naar nederland ga naar breda iemand uit mijn klas heet ook met
    achternaam van de corput en hij wil ook dj worden (the netherlands are the

  26. Theyre all cute, however, the one left is so caaauutte.

  27. This is so beautiful! Truly. 

  28. Jayesslee have my respect. I read that they have refused record deals
    because they enjoy doing what they are doing now, and that is producing on
    Youtube to this community. Also, that they do not want the industry to
    change them. That attitude alone has me supporting them. They are
    fantastic singers and I became an admirer when I heard their cover of
    Gangnam Style. All my best to you ladies. It would great to see them
    perform in person, but I doubt we will ever see them in Canada.

  29. I miss this sooo bad!

  30. Cano Manuel Gonzaga

    Who’s the lady with partially closed eyes? Just kidding! I love the trio!
    They are all beautiful and I love their harmony.

  31. Damn, been a long time since they’ve uploaded a video. Hope they’re doing

  32. her eyes her eyes..make me jet lagggghh

  33. I don’t know why everytime I listen to them..I can’t help but wish that
    they would make a video of how they take care of their skin..can’t help but
    notice that its so perfect…haist…

  34. Phisitphon Supitchayaporn

    น่ารักสุดๆ เสียงก็เพราะ ^^

  35. She looks like bora from sister

  36. The one in the middle is hot. I date her. 

  37. You harmonise perfectly!

  38. Sweet girls. wow this song is so great. love your cover!

  39. are they triplets

  40. the twins head movements so in sync haha its awesome

  41. Wow….! Three sexy gorgeous ladies!

  42. @Jayesslee what are the chors? :3 pls Idol^^

  43. Aristides Clociel

    that peace can be felt on hearing her voice are amazing

  44. (Y)

  45. i miss u so bad;(

  46. 1:53 Janice dont know the words :D

  47. beuty = (the video)

  48. I like 😀 cool 

  49. Why dont the american ones look like this? 

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