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Investigation into Obama’s Birth PROOF that he was not born here (VIDEO)

A Investigation into Obama’s Birth PROOF that he was not born here…

Obama's birth certificate is fake

Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s “Cold Case Posse” is claiming to have explosive new proof that President Barack Obama is ineligible to serve as president. But after watching the video of the investigation, I would no longer call it a claim.

Stop and think as you are watching, If this were any one else other then Oboma, an this presentation was made inside a court room. The jury would no doubt have come back with a Guilty verdict!

Proof that Obama is a fraud

If you are a American you MUST not only watch this you need to share it with those you love and prepare your self and family. Im not going to try and scare you but you have to wonder why Obama wont call ISIS “ISIS” but instead “ISIL” you have to think  about Jade Helm 15 and what it meant. You have to wonder why after the San Bernardino terrorist attack all Obama could talk about was “GUN CONTROL!”

Watch this video in full share it bookmark it get it out there!

Investigation into Obama's Birth

Now you might be asking yourself “well if this is true how could he then do this and get away with it?” Simple look at what took place with Bill and Hillary Clinton, We uncovered a investigation of the Clintons Drug smuggling, money laundering Even Murder and yet some how Hillary is free to run for President Think i am joking here is the link to watch the investigation, 

If you would like to watch another video, Part 2 as we like to call it you can do so by clicking HERE!

One last thing of note: Hillary and Obama are close pal’s She has said many times she would like to further what Obama has/is doing. And after you watch the investigation videos about her law firm and Bill’s drug operation you will conclude what she might do and Bill as well should she have the power afforded to the President. After all look at what Obama has done to our country.

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