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NATO Panics As S-400 Missile System Is Deployed In Russia

The Russians are at it again…being aggressive everywhere, this time in Europe. Russia is giving NATO a heart-attack by deploying SAMs to Europe’s border….or is it Russia’s border? Russian aggression has never been so aggressive… Russia Insider reports: Our day job is to read about Russia-related stuff and then write about it. So imagine our surprise when we learned that “a NATO air chief says he’s concerned by Russia’s increasing deployment of surface-to-air missile systems in and around Europe.” That’s huge! Russia deployed the S-400 to Prague? When did this happen? And what is Russia hoping to gain by deploying surface-to-air systems into the heart of NATO-controlled Europe? We had so many questions in need of answers. Thankfully the folks at Military.com cleared up any misunderstandings about what they meant by “in and around Europe”: In recent years, the Russian military has deployed S-300 and S-400 surface-to-air missile (SAM) systems not only within Russia and Kaliningrad, the Russian city in a territory between Poland and Lithuania, but Crimea and areas encircling the Ukraine, and even Latakia, Syria. A lot of redundant information here. Let’s help our friends at Military.com: After editing out the decorative bullshit, we get: In recent years, the […]

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