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Putin Begins Banning Clinton Cabal From Russia

Vladimir Putin has begun banning members of the corrupt Clinton cabal from Russia, just days after Vladimir Putin told President-elect Donald Trump he hopes the two nations can rebuild their relationship. Michael McFaul, a close Clinton ally and former US ambassador to Moscow under President Barack Obama, is the first of many to be banned from entering Russia, according to Russian Foreign Ministry sources. Mr McFaul, US ambassador in Moscow from 2012-2014, said he had learnt of the ban when applying for a visa to Russia last week. Asked what the purpose of his visit was, McFaul said it was to help presidential candidate Hillary Clinton prepare for what he assumed would be her transition to the White House. Now McFaul, currently a Stanford University professor, is banned from Russia and Kremlin sources say he is the first of many Clinton allies to be banned. Mr McFaul said: “I have hundreds of friends in Russia. I’m really sorry that these sanctions will make communicating with people harder. “I was told that I am on the Kremlin’s sanctions list because of my close affiliation with Obama.” The Russian Foreign Ministry did not publicly confirm the ban, but ministry sources told Russian news agencies […]

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