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Putin Out To Kill Bill, Krauthammer Warns O’Reilly

Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer has warned Bill O’Reilly that Russian President Vladimir Putin is out to kill him. The Dracula monster with ice for blood, NYT’s eye broccoli Charles Krauthammer has told the host of ‘O’Reilly Factor’ to watch his back. Bill O’Reilly had earlier called Putin a “killer” in front of his friend Donald Trump while interviewing the president on his FOX News show. After insulting the Russian president, O’Reilly refused to apologise immediately, saying that he needed time to work on one. Krauthamme told O’Reilly that their secret is now out and Putin won’t fall for any delaying tricks. The man who for years has eloquently talked gobbledygook on prime time TV with a straight face, warns his friend Bill O’Reilly that “killer” Putin is now coming to kill him. By Mark Nicholas: O’Reilly has called Putin a killer, so of course Putin will now kill him. That’s the prediction of Charles Krauthammer who has been a columnist for The New York Times since 1776. Krauthammer who secured immortality by selling his soul to the devil but continues to age and is showing all three hundred years under his belt on his face is not a killer […]

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