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Putin Warns Turkey: Leave Syria The Hell Alone

Brave Vladimir Putin told a delegation from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church that if Turkey does not stop funding and supporting ISIS in Syria, he will ‘bring Christianity back to Istanbul.’ ‘Should Turkey not stop supporting ISIS, I will end the job that Tsar Nicholas II started.’ It is understood that Putin was referring to Tsar Nicholas II’s attempt during World War I to restore Constantinople (Istanbul) to the Christian world and protect Russian maritime security by liberating the Dardanelles and Bosphorus straits. Putin also reiterated to the delegation that nothing could shake the blood alliance between Russia and Ukraine, despite the efforts of the UN and western media. “Rising neo-fascism in Ukraine is like gangrene spreading across the European continent, and we, the people of the Russian Federation, are determined to stop this disease.” ‘ISIS was made in the USA, and I will destroy them’ Putin, a judo enthusiast who can bench 240, has been hitting the New World Order where it hurts, outgunning, outflanking and all-round out-manoeuvring the globalist cabal. He’s got them running scared, which is why they have gone into propaganda overdrive, pumping the mainstream media full of scare tactics, hyperbole, rumour mongering and downright lies in […] Your News Wire

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