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Ramos Yells at O’Reilly: You and Hannity Let Trump ‘Get Away With Anything’

Ramos yells at hanity

There has been some frustration in political circles about the media––especially the conservative media––not being tough enough on Donald Trump. Tonight, during an appearance with Bill O’Reilly, Jorge Ramos called out the host for not being tough on Trump at all.

O’Reilly had brought Ramos on to confront him on how he can possibly cover Trump fairly if he thinks he’s a racist. Ramos said he’s plenty tough on Democrats and pivoted to O’Reilly’s not-very-confrontational Trump interviews, saying “you haven’t been tough on him.”

O’Reilly insisted he’s been plenty tough––the evidence of this being Trump has complained about him being unfair––and Ramos countered, “You’ve talked to him so many times, and you and Sean Hannity, you let him get away with anything.”

The Fox host adamantly denied that and said, “I’m not promoting Donald Trump in any way, shape, or form.”

O’Reilly has asked Trump tough questions in past interviews, but has also given him sympathetic platforms, gone to bat for him, and in his interview tonight with The Donald, O’Reilly mostly just gave him advice.

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