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NuvaRing Caused Daughter’s Death Claims Family

Karen Langhart claims that NuvaRing caused the death of her young daughter. She believes that many women like her daughter are not aware of the potential risks of using the hormonal contraceptive NuvaRing. In an article for the Guardian, Langhart ...

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Report claims DirectX 12 will enable AMD and Nvidia GPUs to work side-by-side

Share This article With the Games Developer Conference right around the corner we’ve started to see more gaming and technology announcements cropping up, but a new report on DirectX 12 is certain to raise the eyebrows of any PC gamer. ...

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New microprocessor claims 10x energy improvement

Share This article As power consumption has become one of the most important metrics of CPU design, we’ve seen a variety of methods proposed for lowering CPU TDP. Intel makes extensive use of dynamic voltage and frequency scaling, ARM has ...

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Bill Cosby’s biographer: I was wrong to not deal with claims

Getty Images/ AP Bill Cosby’s biographer Mark Whitaker said ‘he was wrong to not deal with the sexual assault charges against Cosby.’ Bill Cosby’s biographer Mark Whitaker has admitted he was wrong to not deal with the sexual assault allegations ...

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