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ExtremeTalk: Windows 10 mobile can run iOS, Android apps — do you care?

Windows 1 Apple 0 At Build this week, Microsoft announced that it’s going to offer a platform for iOS and Android developers to move their apps over to Windows devices. This appears to be done in slightly different ways. Android ...

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48,000 PCs at Nuclear plant still run Windows XP!

Still running XP! The Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) has been under intense scrutiny ever since the 2011 meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear energy complex. Following an investigation by Japan’s Board of Audit, TEPCO has been told to upgrade ...

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Linux’s worst-case scenario: Windows 10 makes Secure Boot mandatory, locks out other operating systems

Share This article Microsoft unveiled new information about Windows 10 at its WinHEC conference in China today, and the news is deeply concerning to anyone who values the ability to run non-Microsoft operating systems on their own hardware. Like Windows ...

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Windows 10 to get biometric sensor support with ‘Windows Hello’

Share This article Microsoft is trying to move beyond the password with Windows 10 using a new feature called Windows Hello. That’s the blanket term Redmond is using to describe a set of biometric identification technologies, including facial recognition, iris ...

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DirectX 12 confirmed as Windows 10 exclusive, AMD and Nvidia go head-to-head

Share This article It’s been just over a year since AMD launched its next-generation Mantle API, with the promise that low-overhead gaming would dramatically boost frame rates and lead to fundamentally new types of game engines. One of the demos ...

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Microsoft’s Windows 10: Free upgrades, Xbox streaming, OS-level video capture

Share This article After weeks of speculation, Microsoft took the lid off its Windows 10 stewpot this afternoon, giving both tech press and industry enthusiasts a concrete demonstration of the features and capabilities its next-generation operating system will offer. To ...

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