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Taylor Swift – Everything Has Changed ft. Ed Sheeran

Taylor Swift - Everything Has Changed ft. Ed Sheeran

Music video by Taylor Swift performing Everything Has Changed. (C) 2013 Big Machine Records, LLC.

Music video by Taylor Swift performing We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. ©: 2012 Big Machine Records, LLC.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Just heard this on the radio

  2. kids grow up way too quickly these days. 

  3. I don’t know why but this reminded me of Ron and hermione 

  4. Dragana Vukšić

    Taylor Swift – Everything Has Changed ft. Ed Shee…:

  5. Two awesome singers together…love this song…

  6. if you’re a swifty, like this comment!

  7. Love dis song so much!!!!!

  8. 3 things about this music video:
    1. The song was great
    2. They’re still young to fall in love like that
    3. The girl is taller than the boy

  9. Echa un vistazo a este vídeo en YouTube:

  10. This is my all time favorite song from Taylor Swift <3 actually the only ts
    song I listen to.... But still!! 

  11. chelsea chaitram

    Love dis song so much!!!!!

  12. 8 year olds are now getting luck and im over here like………

  13. A Great Song

  14. They could get ink poisoning

  15. Internet in a nutshell

    Both Taylor and Ed are British and the video is set in America? Great song

  16. Love dis song so much!!!!!

  17. I love how two amazing musicians meet each other in a music video

  18. A good song, but this is THE song for phan……. It is the phan song. If
    you dont know what i’m on about, shaammee

  19. Khushi Kayartaya


  20. Let me know that it’s not all in my mind ♪

  21. The kids in this are adorable. The singers are awesome. I love this

  22. Why are they teaching romance to children this age? Let them have time to
    be innocent children. They haven’t even started puberty yet.. seems cute
    and innocent if you don’t look at the motive behind it. They should not be
    teaching our kids sex at younger and younger ages as time goes by. The rich
    elite are brainwashing us with too much busyness and things that appeal to
    our souls so that we don’t see or have time to see how they have been
    gradually moving socialism into our country. The prophets warned of this is
    the Bible. As many people go like sheep to the slaughter because they are
    not paying attention, people in high places are planning on exterminating
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    salvation is in accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior. If you believe He
    died for your sins, all you have to do is confess your sins; and He will
    forgive you. Then as you work on your relationship with Jesus, He will help
    you to live righteously and will provide all your needs. He will save you
    from the wrath that is coming. 

  23. *.*

  24. MrGenedancingmachine

    I wanna slide it into Taylor Swift.

  25. This never goes out of style. ;)

  26. Is this by Taylor Swift, or My Chemical Romance?



  28. ‘We are Never Ever a Getting Back Together’ = female code for she misses
    him like crazy and wishes he would call 

  29. This song is my very favorite now after having been from a very first break
    up :D

  30. Taylor Swift – We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together:

  31. This song is about MCR isn’t it

  32. hale memnune akgün

    we are never ever getting back together

  33. Guarda questo video su YouTube:

  34. What. Happened. To. Good. Music.
    Like: Beatles, Rolling Stones, kinks, beach boys, Styx, cars, journey,
    surfaris, REO speed wagon, David Bowie, and so forth. Instead the media
    produces a brat who complains about boys breaking up with her.. If she
    doesn’t like guys, just be a lesbian. Also, shake it off is about guys.


  35. MischeviousMonkeyGaming

    i am a straiht male and quite proudly ask my sister to turn the volume up
    as i turn up to taylor swift on the radio, because idgaf about others
    opinions or whether they think im gay because i know im not, even if it is
    my own friends and family who call me that…

  36. I just want to say that people talk about how All Taylor’s music sounds the
    same. These people have no real idea whats it like to be a singer song
    writer musician. I grew up on Iron Maiden in the 80’s Black Sabbath ect. It
    wasn’t till I started playing bass that these songs began to form their own
    run on sentence. When an artist finds the right sound they do as much as
    they can with it. Hopefully not hurting themselves with over doing it.
    Example; Peter Frampton in the 70’s use a voice box for the ever popular
    song Do You Feel Like we Do and Show me the Way those were the only 2 songs
    to my knowledge he used that device. On the other hand Until Vinnie Vincent
    and Bruce Kulic joined the Kiss Army All Kiss’s records had that same
    sound. I think people are intimidated by a young beautiful woman making it
    main stream that they have to find the smallest thing to criticize.
    Forgetting any imperfections they themselves have. Taylor you are amazing
    beautiful FUNNY as all get out. You and J. Law need to do something
    together. Just don’t get arrested. I am blown away by your well deserved
    success and lok forward t6o hearing much more from you. I clicked to hear
    you say you like trying new things. Do you think you may ever do an Album
    thats a bit more on the heavy side. Be careful not to lose what you have
    already but that would be freaking awesome and I think you could pull it
    off. Get Madonna involved. [email protected]—–}—–<3

  37. Test

  38. Christina novelli 

  39. i love this song

  40. VanillaCupcake17

    But seriously, the fact that Australia doesn’t have Cinnamon rolls makes me
    want to weep. I say we Americans need to air drop some cinnamon rolls over
    their country ASAP.

  41. good video

  42. 最高!この歌、大好き!必ずこの歌が聴きたくなる!

  43. What’s with the animal people

  44. #taylorswift Me Encanta

  45. Motherfucking tumblr sent me here through a link saying this was My
    Chemical Romance’s new album. Honestly I’ve never raged so hard in my life.
    What the fuck tumblr?!

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