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Taylor Swift – Shake It Off

Taylor Swift - Shake It Off

Taylor’s new release 1989 is Available Now featuring the hit single “Shake It Off” and her latest single “Blank Space”. http://www.smarturl.it/TS1989 Music video by Taylor Swift…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. thesheepthatwentmooo

    Pass me some toast ‘cos this is my jam!

  2. Yoiber Sulbaran

    This song makes me feel so fucking happy!
    Thanks Taylor :)

  3. This is absolutely my theme song for exams.

  4. Ew criticism is scary. I’m a special snowflake whose viewpoints should
    never be questioned, and if they are, you’re just hating. Something is
    never wrong with me, ALWAYS others.

  5. I am a guy and I like this song people always have a go at me but I shake
    it off.

  6. Depuis quelque mois, je suis une Swifitie. J’adooore Taylor, son physique
    simple et magnifique, son auto-dérision, sa gentillesse, sa voix, ses
    musiques, ses clips. JE L’AIME.
    Shake it Off
    Blank Space
    You Belong With Me
    I Knew You Were Trouble
    Love Story
    We Are Never Gettin Back Together
    Today Was A Fairytale

  7. Brooklyn Rodrigues

    I used to dislike Taylor Swift a lot when I was younger. She sorta grew on
    me. Now I love her. I realized I was judging her wayyy too harshly for
    dating a lot of people, and the way she was being portrayed in the media. I
    caught an interview with her and saw a different side of her. She’s
    actually not as vapid as everyone thinks she is.

  8. 0:31 Kuzyn nie zdał podstawówy

  9. Watching this with Darude – Sandstorm playing over it :D

    Oh myyyy, I LOVE THIS SONG!

  11. Top 5 Wrappers:
    1: Tacobell Wrapper
    2: Burger King Wrapper
    3: Mc Donalds Wrapper
    4: Subway Wrapper
    5: Eminem

  12. Fan Taylor swift

    700+ million views

  13. Yup Taylor, screw the haters!! She is so talented and inspirational, She
    inspired me to make a video so give my video a chance :)

  14. Carl Ramirez YT シ

    Esto si es música no como las pendejadas de MY ANACONDA DONT

  15. AlexBuscaSuSitio

    +700.000.000 views! Come on swifties! <3

  16. in den 90ern hab ich zum letzten mal die Kultur der Musikvideos mit
    verfolgt. Viva und MTV noch ehe sie zu dem verkamen, was sie heute sind.
    Ich muss feststellen, es hat sich nix geändert. Musikvideos sind immer noch
    genauso peinlich und einfallslos wie früher xD . Jedoch kann man zur
    Verteidigung anführen, dass absolut nichts schlimmer und dämlicher war als
    die Musikvideos aus den 80s. Wahrscheinlich konnte man das damals nur
    aushalten, weil das Medium noch relativ neu war. Musikvideos und
    Musiksender waren noch kein Standard und man nahm einfach alles dankbar an,
    was kam. Jedoch so viel genialer ist das alles bis heute nicht geworden xD

  17. Taylor Swift – Shake It Off: https://youtu.be/nfWlot6h_JM

  18. i dislike taylor swift

  19. I love this song

  20. Kind of a dumb song and a dumber video. But, I do like Taylor Swift and
    the way she treats her fans. Really hope she doesn’t end up getting
    raunchy and needing attention all the time like some other celebs we know..

  21. how the heck does she have more subs than sky does minecraft what the

  22. Hi !!:D We’ re Twin Melody ,17-year-old twins 🙂
    And we did some covers!!! We did a cover of “Shake it off´´ and “Style´´
    by Taylor 😀
    Please just take a minute and watch them!!
    THANK YOU !!

  23. I wonder what would happen if Eminem and her did a song….. Mass hysteria?

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