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The NYPD Want Apple To Unlock ALL iPhone Devices

The NYPD have weighed in on the current privacy debate between the FBI and apple, requesting that every iPhone currently subject to a court-ordered search be unlocked. The police department have made it clear that once the San Bernardino perpetrator’s phone is broken into by the FBI, they want to make the hacking of mobile phones a routine occurrence within law enforcement. That would essentially mean that every iPhone entered into evidence in court could be forced open by authorities, via a piece of software that Apple would be forced to create. Slashgear.com reports: That software would be an entirely new version of iOS which the FBI (then the NYPD, and every other law enforcement agency in the USA) would then install on each iPhone, bypassing Apple’s security measures, opening the locks to access data. You might be asking yourself, “why is that so bad?” As you’ll read below, Apple didn’t always say “no” to requests for unlocking phones for evidence in court cases. It was only once Apple started to produce iPhones with A7 processors inside that the company made clear that they would no longer be turning over data with such ease. Not that they’d be able to get in if they […] Your News Wire

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