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The Real Meaning Of The Rockefeller Center

One of the main artistic symbols of the Rockefeller Center in New York is the entrance relief of the central GE Building. (Fig. 1) It is made by the American sculptor Laurie Lee (1877-1963) in the Art Deco style and represents the figure of an old man with a long beard, called “Wisdom”, in connection with the statement underneath: “Wisdom and knowledge shell be the stability of thy times.” This expression does not sound abstract, but as if addressed to a particular individuality, namely the Old man. His body is solid and massive, with his left knee bent forward. His left finger is pointing to the side with a strict, solemn and unruffled expression. He has a golden halo, which penetrates the upper side of the entrance frame. The Old man is located as if in the Heavens, surrounded by clouds. Fig. 1 The three door main entrance of the Rockefeller Center Most striking is the golden compass the Old man is holding in his right hand. The compass is pointing downwards covering the entire upper frame of the golden stained glass. One of its legs is reaching the upper corner of the golden stairs rising above from the lower […] Your News Wire

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