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The Republican Phobia Of Radical Islam Stigmatises All Muslims

Republican presidential candidates constantly harp on about Radical Islam and Muslims when referring to the threat from Islamic fanatics waging a war of terror on humanity. So called Jihadis of “radical Islam” have claimed the lives of tens of thousands of Muslims in the region surrounding the Middle East. The few reported casualties of westerners at the hands of lone wolf Jihadis have come mostly from home grown radicals. To attack Muslims by brandishing all who practice Islam as potential terrorists is a step too far for the millions who suffer at the hands of genuine radicals, who have tainted Islam and demeaned the faith by slaughtering, raping and pillaging their way through people’s lives. Millions have died since the war on terror began moments after the 9/11 attacks of 2001; 99% of the dead were Muslims- practicing and non-practicing. 100% were ordinary humans, and majority of those were unfamiliar to such notions as Republican or Democrat. President Obama is taking the advice of his administration and dealing with the threat of “radical Islam” in a responsible manner (compared to his predecessor) in front of a global audience, for the advantage of America. A number of administrations have been blamed for waging a war […] Your News Wire

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