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Turkey Coup: Incirlik Airbase Blocked By Turkish Militia

Thousands of police in Turkey have surrounded the Incirlik air base used by NATO forces in what some are saying is a reaction to a new coup attempt.  Over 7,000 armed police with rifles and armored TOMA vehicles surrounded the base in Adana in an effort to thwart a second anticipated coup. Zerohedge.com reports: Which brings us to today, and the news that NATO’s critical Incirlik Air Base was hours ago completely blocked off by Turkey, with all inputs and outputs to the Adana base having been closed according to Turkey’s Hurriyet among rumors of yet another coup. As the Turkish Minister for European Affairs, Omar Celik, tweeted moments ago, this is just a routine “safety inspection”, although it has not stopped local papers from speculating that a a second Gulen-inspired coup attempt may be underway. ADANA'dayım. İncirlik veya Adana'daki başka yerle ilgili bir sıkıntı yok. Genel güvenlik değerlendirmesi de yaptık. Herhangi bir sorun yok — Ömer Çelik (@omerrcelik) July 30, 2016 Hurriyet has raised concern that the closing may be tied to an attempt by the Erdogan regime to prevent a second coup attempt. Video: Situation outside #Incirlik airbase in #Turkey where police have closed entrances & exits pic.twitter.com/TBCvQ0KUx6 — […] Your News Wire

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