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UK To Deploy Troops In Baltic States ‘To Deter Russian Aggression’

The UK defence secretary said that Britain is to station troops in the Baltic states to shore up Nato’s eastern borders and deter Russian aggression. Michael Fallon announced the commitment at the quarterly meeting of Nato defence ministers in Brussels. The deployment is intended to reassure former Soviet bloc members in light of increased tension between Russia and Ukraine. The MoD has confirmed that about 100 British military personnel will be sent to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The Guardian reports: He said the British troops would be “part of a more persistent presence by Nato forces” in the region. Those UK service personnel would be part of a new Nato training, evaluation and capacity-building mission in Poland and Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, he said. “They will be part of a more persistent presence by Nato forces.” The troops will join German and US troops already there and the commitment will initially comprise about 100 troops. The move comes against a backdrop of heightened tension between the west and Moscow, following Vladimir Putin’s decision to launch airstrikes in Syria. The Russians insist they are targeting Isis, but western powers say they have largely hit mainstream opposition forces and are primarily designed […] Your News Wire

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