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US Vet Needs Help Reaching Trump.

68 year old Vietnam Veteran that served his country as a Marine from 1967 to 1971 Thomas Franklin. Ratley Jr. Is in a fight for his life. Battling colon cancer as well as the VA an if that is not enough he an his wife are facing eviction from their home.


Now you can click the back button an pretend you never saw this, You can go on about your day with out a thought about this man who was exposed to AGENT ORANGE an fought for your freedom to ignore his plea.

Or you can keep reading an see how you can help.

Aside from getting well Thomas Franklin. Ratley Jr has only one wish an that is to be able to speak with President Donald J. Trump. So if you have the ear of the president please share this story with him.

Aside from that you can PRAY for him an his family- for both recovery an to be able to stay in their home.

If you would like to donate Please use the links below



Read more of his story by visiting his website.



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