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“VICTORIA’S SECRET 2013” Casting & Interviewing Models

“VICTORIA’S SECRET 2013” Casting & Interviewing Models HD by Fashion Channel Yeah, Victorias’s Secret models are always stunning… not a dream, they’re true! But, how to become an Angel?
Video Rating: 4 / 5

sexy top models falls and fails on the runway, catwalk with high heels never make it. Fashion Fail. — Subscribe to my channel for more epic videos.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. these girls are all so beautiful! 

  2. +Tali liahov אני מרגישה מכוערת

  3. …and there goes my self esteem

  4. Just a random thought. Wouldn’t it suck if you were on your period? Just a

  5. was that adriana lima at 1min 5secs

  6. i admire them, they must exercise a lot to have a flat stomach

  7. Honestly, I dont like seeing peoples bones. I rather not see a girls hip
    bone pop out every time she walks and/or a girls full knee cap, thats just
    not something i would like to see.

    Now before you guys comment, Then why are you watching or your just hating
    because your fat and you want to be skinny like them or your just jealous,
    I wanted to see what there bodys actually looked like and if all of them
    were in that kind of shape i was just curious and now that i see that i
    wont be looking up anymore videos because it makes me sick and no i am not
    “fat” or jealous. Its so sad how girls think they need there bones on
    there collar to there knee caps to be showing and to be tall to look
    pretty when that certainly isnt the case and im not hating on these women
    because they really are gorgeous i just dont want to see damn near every
    bone in there body. <<<<<( yes i know that was exaggerating)

  8. I love Jourdan Dunn! :D

  9. MieKayla Singleton

    I would LOVE to be a Victoria’s Secret Model, let alone an Angel.

  10. are all these girls already models or are some of them new comers?

  11. Losiana Simpson

    How did you get this body???

  12. I’m just never going to touch sugar an processed food again ill be right
    back hahah

  13. They’re all perfect

  14. well there goes my self esteem

  15. Every single girl here is incredible!

  16. Genevieve Russo

    lol “work out”… if i tried out they would say i was too muscular. these
    girls prob aren’t healthy 

  17. Sara Sampaio !!! Beautiful ♥ 0:41

  18. Victoria secret should have plus size models too that would be awesome 

  19. Mollie Lachapelle


  20. Miglė Sičiūnaitė

    I wish i could make it! maybe someday.. :)

  21. Loretta Jackson

    They victorious secretary angles are soo ugly how r dey moddles?

  22. Couldn’t help noticing that you forgot to say you need to be super skinny
    to be model

  23. Incredible creatures.

  24. catarina monteiro

    Sara is Super cute

  25. Jeanette Wachira

    The dark skinned girl at 1.58 doing the robot dance got in Victoria secret.
    I saw one as one of the models. Yay

  26. This is what happens when you don’t eat…too weak to even walk!

  27. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha :))))))

  28. Any woman who claims we wear the shoes and clothing we do to look good for
    the man is only half right. We do it to please ourselves.

  29. Music, video MikhaiL Ляhovskiy

    Sexy Top Models Fail / FallsCompilation – Fashion Fails

  30. Juvani Só Rock

    Segura firme! kkkkkkkkkkkk

  31. the best part is that the other models didn’t care… I know that this is
    what they are supposed to do but come on…
    also, what exactly is that girl at 2:47 doing?

  32. Valentina Cerrato

    Sexy Top Models Fail / FallsCompilation – Fashion Fails:

  33. These women choose this profession but that is not an excuse for the
    fashion industry to mistreat them.

    Often, the shoes they are given to wear simply don’t fit. Too large or
    small. And they are expected to model outrageous clothing in these ill
    fitting shoes.

  34. I think being a model and falling isn’t a bad thing it’s like buying a new
    car you worry and worry about getting hit then it happens even a small dent
    (you stop worrying) i think a model worries all the time about falling then
    it happens and they can stop worrying about it. Just my opinion 

  35. Monica Listodos

    Did ya’ll notice that none of the male models ever fall? It’s because their
    not FORCED to wear the stupid shoes and clothes that these girls have to
    wear.I feel sorry for the girls but i wouldn’t mind to have a little giggle
    about a male “macho guy” falling at least once. Sorry guys, nothing against
    you, but it’s just not fair that the girls have to suffer all the time
    because you like us torturing ourselves just to look good and sexy for

  36. This is second worst industry after porn. Girls forced to do things they
    are not confortable with. 

  37. ramalamadingdization

    No power to walk?
    FOOD! These women need FOOD!

  38. Can someone tell me what the black girl was doing with her skirt

  39. Monica Listodos

    P.S. Don’t forget, most (not all) female fashion and shoe designers are
    males. Does it tell you anything about what they expect women to wear?
    Think about it!

  40. These models are anything but sexy. Looks like sticks and stones will break
    their bones!

  41. Pongsathon Pong

    หนูไม่รู้อุ๊ย!!!ท่านี้ไม่ได้ฝึกค่ะเป็นเองจร้าSexy Top Models Fail /
    FallsCompilation – Fashion Fails: https://youtu.be/oF4MyfCJnmA

  42. Митко Стоянов Стоянов

    Sexy Top Models Fail / FallsCompilation – Fashion Fails:

  43. MDR faut que j’arrête de picoler

  44. Sexy Top Models Fail / FallsCompilation – Fashion Fails:

  45. Sexy Top Models Fail / FallsCompilation – Fashion Fails:

  46. poor gls. ..I know they drink shampagne or cognac before go on stage,and
    they don’t eat.U know Y

  47. Sara Huseyn-Bayley

    Beautiful models, you are so gorgeous,(even if and while you are
    falling!!!) but at the same time this video is SSSo hilarious !

  48. The girl that walked over the other girl-that was from an episode of Sex
    and the City. The girl who fell was Sarah Jessica Parker.

  49. Como no si iban a caer si están tan delgadas que no tienen fuerza en las
    piernas, xD y las que se resbalaron pues, pobrejetas xD

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